High Torque-density Integrated Servo Motor

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With low rotor-inertia brushless motor

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High Torque-density Integrated Servo Motor
High Torque-density Integrated Servo Motor

The AMP's MDX integrated servo motor by McLennan combines a high torque-density and low rotor-inertia brushless motor, feedback, drives stage and motion controller. All is included in a DC-powered package, completed with I/O and communications interfacing. Aimed at the distributed motion control tasks were torque/force, velocity or precision positioning is required. Also, available in 200 Watt or 400 Watt power ratings, with performance capabilities of AMP’s 60 mm J-series motors and SV200 series all-digital intelligent servo drives. The MDX can be used in application such as packaging machinery, medical equipment, robotics, AGVs and more. It is a flexible all-in-one motion solution with choices of control options for single or multi-axis use. It also includes streaming commands from PCs and PLC’s or standalone operation using the drive’s on-board motion controller which, via its RS232 interface and AMP’s ‘Q’ programming language, includes high-lever motion related functions. It is also possible to control the MDX from discrete I/O interfaces for pulse & direction or +/- 10 V. 

The input voltage is 20 to 60 VDC (recommended 48 VDC) and maximum speed is 3000 rpm for both variants

Furthermore, on all models there is a choice of dual-port Ethernet on all models or select optional, CANbus or RS485 communications ports for protocols that include CANopen (CIA301, CIA402), EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, and Modbus RTL. The MDX is available in IP65 and IP20 environment-rated motor options, including two motor lenghths for 0.64 and 1.27 Nm continuous torque and peak torque or 1.6 and 3.0 Nm respectively. The IP65 rated version includes M12 connectors for all interfacing. It also includes eight optically isolated outputs and four optically isolated inputs; the IP65 rated version has slightly more machine I/O and is also able output the integrated 16-bit magnetic incremental encoreder data for synchronization with other controllers. Both versions have a single analogue input, with a comprehensive fault protection measures including over-temperature, over-voltage, under-voltage, and over current with status LEDs. The MDX is launched with a number of cable and connector accessories for power, I/O and communications as well as terminating resistors for daisy-chaining CANopen multi-axis systems. 

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