Identification Module

Features a RFID reader and a memory tag

  • Identification Module
    Identification Module

Gimatic developed an Industry 4.0 identification module RFID. Used in combination with End Of Arm Toolings (E.O.A.T.), the identification module not only identifies the required tool uniquely and with a high precision, but also transfers a set of data to the user or directly to the robot. The process monitoring information, transmitted on a web-service, are related to the production batch, parts list, procurement times and number of cycles performed for the predictive maintanance; in this case the device emits a warning signal when the tool reaches the preset number of cycles, avoiding unexpected situations which can compromise the working process.

RFID reader + memory tag

The system, connected to the tool changer, is made of an RFID reader and a memory tag. It allows to recognize up to 255 different instruments thanks to a binary coding by means of 8 digital outputs 24 Vdc. It is possible to communicate with RFID and so with the E.O.A.T. using a smartphone and the dedicated app.

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