Sensor Boxes for PLC Control Electronics

Help connect sensors in series

  • Sensor Boxes for PLC Control Electronics
    Sensor Boxes for PLC Control Electronics

The sensor boxes series SB from Gimatic is used for sensor wiring on the EOATs. The sensor junction boxes are interfaces engineered to condition the sensor signals to make them suitable for the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) control electronics. They can connect different sensors in series, convert their signals, perform troubleshooting, protect control circuits, regenerate signals in the case of long wiring and protect contacts. Besides, the signals are conditioned by relay or microprocessor to supply one or more outputs. 

Each inputs & outputs of the junction box includes a jumper or sliding selector to set the sensor type (PNP, NPN, 2 wire NO/NC

A self-restoring fuse system protects the control electronics from short-circuits. I/O can be current sourcing (PNP), sinking (NPN) or dry contact, and PNP and NPN signals can be converted. In addition, several boxes can be connected in a series in order to manage more sensors. They come with input LED indications for easy troubleshooting. Last, they are delivered with strain reliefs and kit for fastening to the profile, in a box with PG9 cable glands and reach IP65 protection degree.

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