System Based on Carbon Fibre

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For a reduced energy consumption

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System Based on Carbon Fibre
System Based on Carbon Fibre

Gimatic presents the "Ultralight EOAT" philosophy. This product has countless strengths that make it even more appealing and advantageous for the end-user. Unlike the traditional Gripper, the ultra light EOAT, has been designed and created by Gimatic for a reduced energy consumption. Firstly, Ultralight EOAT is light since it is entirely made up of elements that reduce its weight by up to 50%. The lightness of the structure comes from two main elements:


  • Carbon fibre tubes, available in two sizes, Ø20 and Ø30 mm, form part of the structure and replace traditional aluminium profiles;
  • Light and resistant technopolymer brackets are included in the EOAT gripper and are available in different sizes to facilitate to the maximum assembly of each grippers system.
  • Weight reduction does not mean less rigidity. In fact, the combination of these two elements allows the frame's performance to be in line with traditional frames.

Thanks to its lightness, Gimatic's Ultralight EOAT offers several advantages: one of which is the possibility to use a small-sized robot (Cartesian or Anthropomorphic) on top of which the Gripper is then mounted. This results in a remarkable saving on purchase. Once again, the advantage of the product is undoubtedly that it saves energy during the press's unloading phase while also reducing costs and consumption. The changeover operation, carried out by the operator, will be safer and quicker, while ensuring the worker's health and safety conditions thanks to EOAT's light weight.

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