Images and Height Profiles Analysis

Software designed for smart cameras, vision systems and 2D/3D profile sensors

  • Images and Height Profiles Analysis
    Images and Height Profiles Analysis

Wenglor released a single software package designed for three product families: smart cameras, vision systems and 2D/3D profile sensors. The data from those products can now be evaluated via a central software platform, uniVision 2.1. This parameterizable standard software is used to analyze images and height profiles in the field of industrial image processing. Structured like an intelligent toolbox, its algorithms for images and height profiles are similar and can be used on different platforms. Users have up to 25 different software modules available (for example: measurement, threshold value, cluster, OCR, pattern machining, tracking, and more), and 14 different templates as well.

Can be set up easily and quickly to all hardware components without programming knowledge

Predefined projects/templates are available to select and use for the most common standard applications. Users can combine each other images, coordinate systems or values as desired, for a maximum application freedom. Moreover, uniVision 2.1 provides great performance when integrating hardware and software in existing plants and systems. Process data can be processed via standard connections such as digital IOs, as well as via TCP/IP and UDP. The software also delivers suitable interfaces for easy integration of control units for the most common robots in tracked welding applications.

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