Light Curtains

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Used to measure object heights

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Light Curtains
Light Curtains

Based on the light barrier principle, in which the switching output is activated depending on which and how many beams are interrupted by the object, these light curtains from Wenglor are developed for measuring tasks such as web edge control, height and position monitoring, detecting and measuring objects and contours. They can be set up quickly and intuitively through a menu-driven OLED display directly at the housing, without additional software or external programming devices. Interrupted beams are displayed as a bar graph, thus simplifying initial startup, alignment and error diagnosis. An analog output reads out measured values as a corresponding 0-10V voltage or 4-20mA current. Of the two mechanical designs available, “All-Around Light Curtains” are equipped with an end-cap that acts as a highly visible switching status indicator. With a beam clearance of 30 mm and measuring field heights of 150 to 1800 mm, these provide for a range of 3000 mm. In contrast, “High Resolution Light Curtains” with measuring field heights of 50 to 200 mm and a beam clearance of 2 mm are capable of detecting extremely small and low-profile objects at ranges of up to 2000 mm. With two digital switching outputs and an integrated analog output, objects are not just checked for presence, their dimensions are ascertained as well. Output data are made available via an IO-Link interface for both light curtain variants, assuring convenient parameters configuration and quick diagnosis.

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