Industrial Cabinet for Cleanrooms

Provides continuous monitoring system

  • Vaisala CAB100
    Vaisala CAB100

Vaisala released its new industrial cabinet for cleanroom, the CAB100, that continuously monitors parameters into a pre-configured enclosure with a high IP-rating. the CAB100 is an add-on part of Vaisala’s viewLinc Continuous Monitoring System that is suitable for data collection specifically in cleanrooms and other demanding industrial environments, mostly in pharmaceutical and biotechnical companies. It integrates data loggers, transmitters and monitoring software.

A CMS used to help companies fulfill their food manufacturing practice

The CAB100 delivers real-time and historical measurement data, customizable reporting, and alarming to email, SMS, and local or PC display. It is configurable according to the application requirements with options for measurement inputs and safety barriers to instrumentation used in hazardous areas. Last, this industrial cabinet for CMS will soon be available in two sizes.

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