Real-time & Comprehensive Weather Data to Bolster Driver Safety

Vaisala’s digital weather information has been included to Hyundai Motor Company vehicles to provide comprehensive weather data

  • Real-time & Comprehensive Weather Data to Bolster Driver Safety
    Real-time & Comprehensive Weather Data to Bolster Driver Safety

Vaisala announced at TU-Automotive Detroit an agreement with Hyundai Motors to provide Vaisala Infotainment Weather, a digital offering that delivers drivers essential proactive information from in-vehicle infotainment systems about weather and driving conditions

Markus Melin, Vice President of Vaisala Digital, commented: “With approximately one in every four traffic accidents stemming from inclement weather conditions, our wide-ranging service helps drivers remain aware of weather conditions along their routes and in close proximity to the vehicle’s current location. Even in locations where weather measurements are not easily obtained, our technology is able to predict conditions according to a driver’s route.”

Vaisala Infotainment Weather delivers location-based weather information – like temperature, precipitation, and wind speed – for Hyundai’s LIVE services. Building a successful in-vehicle weather service requires consideration of very dynamic weather conditions combined with the ever-changing position of the car, which demands highly sophisticated methods for local and timely weather data production and delivery.

Advanced road surface condition datasets for automotive use cases 

In addition to providing an infotainment weather offering for connected cars, Vaisala Digital, also offers advanced road surface condition datasets for automotive use cases. Vaisala offers industry-leading sensors, a mobile data collection system, and excellent forecasting capabilities that provide real-time calculated driving condition forecasts (including the state of the road’s surface, visibility, and atmospheric weather events affecting driving) to any coordinate point around the globe. Vaisala forecasts are trusted in the winter maintenance industry by road authorities in a number of countries.

“Now that vehicles are increasingly connected, high-quality infotainment weather information is certainly a valuable commodity,” continued Melin. “But leveraging today’s most advanced road weather technologies – beyond forecasting – to provide drivers with actionable information on road surface conditions, prediction of road friction, and other offerings will become invaluable in the future as vehicles with advanced driver assistance systems increasingly integrate onto our roadways around the globe. Accurate and detailed weather-related information and guidance is extremely useful for both drivers and connected vehicles.” 

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