Next-generation Sounding System

Vaisala Cirrus Sounding System MW51 is designed for advance meteorological upper air observations

  • Next-generation Sounding System
    Next-generation Sounding System

Vaisala announced the launch of Vaisala Cirrus Sounding System MW51, a state-of-the-art sounding system that delivers industry-first capabilities, including readiness to conduct simultaneous upper air observations, to provide unprecedented visibility into rapidly changing weather conditions and enhance forecasting accuracy.

The Vaisala Cirrus Sounding System MW51 has optimized performance and reliability: the proprietary radio technology enables superior operational performance and dependability over a long life cycle. The new compact design is purpose built for operating in versatile environments while an IP54 rating provides excellent protection against dust and water, for greater portability. The usability is enhanced through an intuitive and easy to use device with access to real-time sounding status information and comprehensive diagnostics. Last, it has robust data security: it provides protection against data threats and unauthorized access.

The new MW51 enables highly accurate and reliable synoptic and adaptive atmospheric measurements to help protect communities from the impacts of everyday and extreme weather

“Inventing unsurpassed weather and environmental solutions has reflected the spirit of Vaisala for 85 years, and atmospheric sounding technology has always been at the heart of it. The WMO Global Observing System network releases more than 1,400 radiosondes every day, and the largest positive impact for global numerical weather predications is achieved with Vaisala upper air sounding products,” said Aki Lilja, Soundings Director, Weather and Environment, Vaisala. “MW51 demonstrates our continued commitment to providing exceptional weather prediction capabilities to meteorological agencies across the world.”

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