Industrial PC for Surveillance in Public Transport

Delivers 1080p real-time live display monitoring

  • Industrial PC for Surveillance in Public Transport
    Industrial PC for Surveillance in Public Transport

ICP Deutschland. Intelligent monitoring functions in buses and subways can help reduce crime. Likewise, vandalism can be prevented, which has a positive impact on maintenance costs for operators while improving passenger perception of the service. Fare evasion can also be reduced through intelligent monitoring, which in turn increases operators' profits. Video evidence also contributes significantly to the prosecution of criminals. How can the MP1-D help analyze crime on public transit in major cities?

For traffic surveillance, the MP1-D's rugged design provides 1080p real-time live display monitoring with efficient recording through hardware accelerated video decoding compression technology that enables simultaneous live playback, recording and archiving.

Optional 5G Support

The MP1-D's optional 5G support provides low-latency network connectivity. 5G support turns the MP1 into an edge device, enabling faster interaction between individual vehicles and the control center without the need for servers in remote data centers as with traditional cloud applications. With 5G support, live video transmissions and vehicle statistics can be sent to the control center in real time. The dispatch system can contact the MP1 system directly and request information such as live images from the vehicle. The MP1-D can provide up to eight PoE connections, allowing high-resolution IP cameras and other sensors and peripheral security devices to be installed without a separate power supply. The overall system is also durable, robust and immune to vehicle vibration.

The integrated Iris Xe iGPU unit, manufactured with 10nm SuperFin technology, and the implemented Intel® Deep Learning Boost functionality provide five times better AI performance than its predecessors. The functionality extends the MP1-D system to an inference machine, allowing it to autonomously evaluate video streams using AI. Up to 7.1 TOPS of AI performance is possible for image, motion and object recognition. For example, medical emergencies or suspicious, ownerless packages can be detected in real time and alarms triggered.

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