Integrated Axis Controller

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Simplify automation through open Ethernet interfaces


Integrated Axis Controller
Integrated Axis Controller

With the new integrated axis controller, Bosch Rexroth presents an addition to its finely scalable automation kit. The 1-axis motion control simplifies automation processes through open interfaces to the wide-spread Ethernet-based real-time protocols SERCOS III, EtherCAT and VARAN as well as integrated hydraulic controllers. For the engineering, IndraWorks provides controller dialogues and parameter settings specifically tailored to hydraulic functions. The decentralized assembly combines control electronics optimized for robust operation - including software, pressure sensors and a valve platform of NG 10 for a cabinet-free installation. It closes the control loop decentrally, thereby significantly reducing the amount of cabling work. Through the multi-Ethernet connection, the motion controls perform the high-precision real-time controlling of dynamic motion tasks while ensuring utmost transparency and consistent data flow. They support both open-loop and closed-loop operation. The company has integrated its application know-how on electro-hydraulic controllers in machine tools, presses, plastics, wood and paper machines as well as other applications into the upgraded software. Controllers for position, pQ, pressure, differential pressure and volume flow speed up the realization of hydraulic functions. Optimized algorithms and characteristic diagrams allow for a high degree of freedom and flexibility in adapting the functions to new applications. For design, start-up, parameter setting and diagnosis, Rexroth offers the IndraWorks engineering environment which provides consistent software tools and a homogenous structure, thereby simplifying the overall engineering process across all drive and control technologies. With the pQ controller, pressure, differential pressure and flow are controlled through open-loop and closed-loop control algorithms. With the help of integrated pressure sensors, the user can measure differential pressure and set up real-time flow control without additional pressure compensators and external machine sensors. For axis control, the decentralized electronics unit evaluates the readings from up to two analog sensors and an absolute position measuring system SSI. The ability to process both digital and analog signals increases the control’s flexibility. The new variant complements the functions of IAC-P and IAC-R series which communicate with the higher-level control system via the field bus connection to PROFIBUS and CANBus.

Edited by: Teoman Tugsuz

Posted on April 18, 2011 - (136 views)
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