Juhayna Food Industries Expand Storage Capacity in Egypt

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Interroll Dynamic Storage system helped out one the Egyptian giant in the manufacture of dairy-based products in order to optimise efficient storage and warehousing

Juhayna Food Industries Expand Storage Capacity in Egypt
Juhayna Food Industries Expand Storage Capacity in Egypt

Juhayna Food Industries, a leading Egypt-based manufacturer of dairy-based products, has enhaced and optimised its warehouse facilities around Egypt with its partner Link Misr, a leading industrial company specialised in manufacturing shelving and racking systems. The new installations also include an Interroll FIFO flow storage solution.

As Juhayna Food Industries continuously expanded in recent years, the company started facing problems such as storing capacity. Due to the nature of the products, speed in stock turnover is essential. This is one of the reasons, Link Misr recommended the Interroll Pallet Flow system as the perfect solution for Juhayna.

The Interroll technology proved to be by far the best of all products currently on the market thanks to its high performance, quick and easy installation and low maintenance requirements.

Seifeldin Thabet, Deputy CEO of Juhayna emphasises: "The solution that has now been implemented guarantees reliable 'first-in, first-out', thanks to the flow storage that ensures fast stock turnover. With the Interroll solution, we have achieved savings in a number of areas, especially with regard to space, but also in the area of energy consumption by completely overhauling our internal logistics."

Interroll offers Juhayna a number of important advantages. The entire system has a total capacity of 2,680 plastic pallets which weigh from 600 kg to 1,000 kg on four levels. The Dynamic Storage system works on a first-in first-out basis and provides extremely high levels of storage density and an automatic stock rotation with a minimum of fork lift truck movements required to handle the flow of goods.

To ensure long-term trouble-free operation and the highest standards for safety, a selection of customer pallets were sent to the Interroll Center of Excellence for Dynamic Storage in La Roche-sur-Yon, France, so that in-depth trials could be performed. To find the best possible solution, different loads were tested on roller test tracks under controlled conditions. These tests took the gradient of the slope into account, the controlled pickup speed, separation and restart of standing pallet loads.

Ashraf Farouk, Area Sales Manager of Link Misr states: "We have been working with Interroll for more than 15 years and greatly appreciate the fact that each project is considered individually and tests are carried out in advance of installation to ensure that the end customer receives a solution that meets his needs one hundred percent."

Interroll Dynamic Storage is well recognized as an energy-saving system as the solution is characterized by its lane structure and works according to the "incline" principle, i.e. the movement of the pallets is actually generated by gravity. In other words, it is zero energy consumption and does not cause any impact to the environment. Due to their lane structure, Interroll Dynamic Storage systems can achieve maximum throughput with a minimum use of space. What is more, this system offers high system availability and flexibility as it can be easily adapted to future market needs.

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