Kollmorgen AKM series of servomotors

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Kollmorgen AKM series of servomotors
Kollmorgen AKM series of servomotors

Kollmorgen AKM is a series of synchronous servomotors with a special winding concept and rotor design, thanks to which they deliver the same output as other motors but are less energy-consuming. The copper windings in the stators are extremely densely packed. These motors have a 30 to 50% smaller package and they weigh 10 to 30% less. Their reduced mass moment of inertia and low level of cogging ensures significant energy savings without comprimising on the power output. With a lower power input on the other hand they also generate less heat making additional external cooling unnecessary. They are available in seven frame sizes, with various lengths for each frame size. They can be supplied in various winding versions and with a multitude of mounting, connection, speed and feedback options.

Posted on March 1, 2009 - (448 views)
Kollmorgen Europe GmbH
Pempelfurtstraße 1
40880 Ratingen - Germany
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