Laser Diffuse Sensor

with fore- and background suppression

  • Laser Diffuse Sensor
    Laser Diffuse Sensor

The di-soric product range is extended by the LVHT 51 M 400 G3-B4 laser diffuse sensor  with a CMOS line as a receiver. Therewith the so-called acceptance zones for teached areas can be defined and simultaneously any interfering objects can be suppressed in fore- and background.

Via a very fast transmitting power adjustment any objects with different reflection factors can be compensated. The teach process for programming the teach areas will be set using the integrated teach button or by high signals at the external teach cables. If necessary, the teach button can be locked through this cable. Bright output and supply voltage LEDs enable an easy set up and show clearly the starting point and the readiness for service of the product. The push pull output can be inverted by a teach button.

Common applications are the control, sorting and separation of small parts as well as the attendance check in a previously defined area. Those applications are to be found in many branches and in the industry.