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As precise as the human eye

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Color Sensors
Color Sensors

Suitable for industrial color measurement and identification in virtually all production processes, di-soric's color sensors utilize perceptive technology, which provides a level of precision equivalent to that of the human eye. Also finding applications in quality control inspections, they not only identify and analyze color but also different surface structures. Built-in long-term stability ensures reliable processes over an extended period without the need for manual readjustment. Integral extraneous light compensation allows use under fluctuating brightness conditions. The sensors are available with different lens elements, luminous power ratings and measuring channels. Standard parameters can be configured by control buttons and a common software platform allows for advanced configuration. Measured values can be exported as a .csv file. In addition, versions with Profibus or Fast Ethernet interface are available for continuous transmission of the measured values. The sensors can save 350 colors and are available with 4 or 12 switch outputs. Features include 4096 binary coded output combinations, differentiation of very small color nuances, adjustable color tolerance, 2-channel differential evaluation, prime lens or fiber optic cable adaptation, LED status display, key lock function, and external trigger input. The transmitter can be disabled for primary light sources. Visualization of chrominance values can be realized with a PC software.

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di-soric GmbH & Co. KG
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