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IEN Europe interviews Mark Pontin, Managing Director at Resolve Optics, to learn more about high quality optical lenses, why customers are increasingly choosing application-optimised lenses and how his company is serving the markets that use them

  • Mark Pontin, Managing Director at Resolve Optics
    Mark Pontin, Managing Director at Resolve Optics
  • Resolve Optics Ltd has developed for over 20 years OEM quantity special lenses
    Resolve Optics Ltd has developed for over 20 years OEM quantity special lenses

IEN Europe: Mr. Pontin, could you give us an overview of your company and products?

Mr. Pontin: Resolve Optics Ltd has developed for over 20 years OEM quantity special lenses and optical designs for small and large high technology businesses. Our customers have benefited from our novel and economic optical solutions. Several are currently world leaders in their niche high technology markets.

Resolve Optics has developed the rare capability to produce small quantities of high performance, mounted lenses with the professional look, feel and quality equivalent to the best professional photographic and broadcast TV lenses. Drawing upon our experienced team of optical designers we are able to quickly gain an understanding of the basic physics of the technology associated with each customer's product enabling us to propose novel solutions.

Our aim is to provide a fast and flexible optical and mechanical design assessment on all projects. A project engineer is assigned to closely liaise with customers at all points of a development to ensure complete satisfaction with the final product.

IEN Europe: Resolve Optics has more than 20 years experience in OEM quantity special lenses and optical designs for small and large high technology businesses. Are you considering the development of a new generation of lenses?

Mr. Pontin: Resolve Optics Ltd's focus is on the design, development and manufacture of custom lenses that exactly meet the customer's application requirements so new and innovative designs are driven by the needs of our customers. From a product perspective we offer a range of standard fixed focus and zoom radiation resistant lenses that are the preferred optics of choice for many organisations in the Nuclear industry and the Z-10 a high definition lens whose excellent performance and compactness has generated considerable interest from the broadcast TV and vision markets.

IEN Europe: Which are the major characteristics customers look for in a cutting-edge lens?

Mr. Pontin: Organisations that approach us are typically looking for a lens or lens system that will give them competitive advantage in their market. Resolve Optics strives to provide custom lenses that provide that competitive advantage. This may entail utilising the latest design techniques, exotic glass types and innovative mechanical design. I would caveat this by saying that keeping costs down is a main consideration and pushing technology tends to lead to increased costs so if we can achieve the solution with current or known technology we will do so.

IEN Europe: Resolve Optics is a specialist in the production of radiation-resistant lenses. How did you get specialized in the manufacturing of these lenses?

Mr. Pontin: Resolve Optics has been involved in the design and manufacture of radiation resistant lenses for over 20 years mainly supporting the nuclear industry. Over the years we have developed a standard range of radiation-resistant lenses, both fixed and zoom, which are now used worldwide not just in the nuclear industry but in a growing range of applications including medical research, agriculture, archaeology (carbon dating), food (irradiation) and space exploration. All optical elements within Resolve Optics radiation tolerant lens designs are made using cerium oxide doped glass or synthetic silica enabling them to withstand radiation doses of up to 100,000,000 rads and temperatures up to 55°C without discoloration or degradation of performance. All Resolve Optics non browning lenses provide high image resolution and minimum geometric distortion from 400 to 750nm.

IEN Europe: Which are Resolve Optics main markets? Do you think that your lenses will be integrated into other applications?

Mr. Pontin: Resolve Optics possesses an in-depth understanding of optics and mechanics to best suit applications in the Nuclear Industry, Broadcast TV / Film, Machine Vision and Security & Surveillance. However optics are used in many, many sectors and Resolve Optics is always willing to discuss any optical issues that may be experienced for any application in any sector.

Resolve Optics does not seek to 'reinvent the wheel'. If we determine that your applications optical requirements can be sourced using an off-the-shelf lens we will advise you as such. Resolve Optics specialist lenses are about added value be it to gain a competitive edge, undertake a demanding application or to give you security of supply over a lens you use in a product that has been made obsolete.

IEN Europe: Resolve Optics has recently achieved the ISO 14001 accreditation that demonstrates its commitment to the environment and the quality of its products. What is the added value this kind of certifications can give your company?

Mr. Pontin: ISO 14001 certification demonstrates Resolve Optics commitment to reducing the impact our processes have on the environment. Along with our ISO 9001 certification the ISO 14001 certification has become an essential requirement when dealing with many forward-looking organisations worldwide.

IEN Europe: Your flexible approach to custom lens supply is Resolve Optics strongest asset. However, satisfying individual customer requests is not always easy. What is the main impasse you usually have to face and how you do you overcome it?

Mr. Pontin: Actually satisfying individual customer requirements is not difficult, it is what we do. However if there is one over-riding difficulty in meeting customer expectations it would be time. Typically customer's need their lenses urgently even if they are new custom designs. We look to overcome this challenge by working with our suppliers to reduce lead time as much as possible.

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