Linear Actuators

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Provide alternative to screw or belt driven designs

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Linear Actuators
Linear Actuators

Available in widths of 115 mm, 140 mm and 165 mm, and with travel range from 100 mm to 1.5m, Aerotech's modular ACT series linear actuators are based on a cost-effective uncomplicated design featuring ultra smooth brushless linear servomotors, sub micron level encoder feedback and heavy duty linear guide bearings in demanding high throughput / high accuracy positioning applications for parts handling, assembly, dispensing, pick and place, non-contact inspection and scanning. They provide the capability for higher production throughput and improved accuracy in comparison to ball-screw and belt driven alternatives with maximum speed to 5 m/s and acceleration to 5 g. Furthermore, a wide and flexible choice of options allows users to select a complete positioning system with price and performance matched to requirements. These include uncertified, certified or HALAR interferometer calibrated accuracy grades and a choice of power performance through a forced air cooled motor option. There are also alternative cable management systems and flexible mechanical interfacing options ranging from single and X-Y axis configurations through to multi axis systems with dual parallel axes in gantry positioning styles as well as Z and theta axes selected from other Aerotech positioning stage lines. The linear actuators use the company’s direct-drive U-channel linear servomotor technology, which brings smooth performance with no cogging due to its non-magnetic forcer coil. With zero backlash, zero friction and none of the windup associated with screw driven actuators, the 320 VDC linear motor permits high performance plus smooth velocity and positioning control; and with no contacting parts to wear the motor requires almost no maintenance. A further benefit of the U-channel design is that the linear motor's magnetic field is totally self-contained and perfectly suited to high-performance applications that cannot tolerate the stray magnetic fields that are typically generated by flat magnet track alternatives. The high performance linear encoder, located within the stage and close to the motor for maximum protection and exacting positional accuracy, helps to deliver a bi-directional repeatability of up to ± 1 µm for calibrated stages with encoder resolution below 0.1 µm. Encoder resolution ranges from 0.005 to 1.0 µm and calibrated HALAR accuracy can be up to ± 5 µm for the 1.5 m travel version. Robust and durable linear motion guide bearings with dual seals are used throughout the ACT series in graduated sizes to suit increasing load and dynamic performance. For the 165 mm wide stage, maximum horizontal load is 60 kg with a 30 kg side load rating. Across the range, the low maintenance/long life design is rated for 20,000 Hours MTBF. The series can be delivered as a part of a complete motion control sub-system with the company's advanced motion controls and servo amplifiers to ensure optimum performance. The range includes the PC based A3200 Digital Automation Platform , the new MotionPAC programmable automation controller, or the Ensemble and Soloist stand-alone motion controllers with integrated drives. Through the range users can choose PC-based software-only control or standalone solutions in rack or desk mounted options to match application requirements. The controllers offer a very wide choice of machine controls and sophisticated motion commands that can include IEC61131-3, Microsoft .NET Framework and LabVIEW™ programming capability with advanced software and analytical functions that are designed to optimise machine performance, increase precision and improve throughput.

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