Link3D Presents its Technology to Boost Additive Manufacturing at Formnext 2018

Post-process management software for additive manufacturing projects from Link3D is being officially launched at Formnext 2018 in Frankfurt, from 13 to 16 November

  • November 13, 2018
  • Link3D Presents its Technology to Boost Additive Manufacturing at Formnext 2018
    Link3D Presents its Technology to Boost Additive Manufacturing at Formnext 2018

Link3D launches its Post-Processing Management Technology at Formnext 2018. The company aims to help organizations efficiently optimize downstream manufacturing processes with work plan sequencing and quality management solutions to connect the Digital Thread.

Given that 3D printing requires craftsmanship and mechanical testing before design, the goal of Link3D AMES is to help facility technicians and application engineers plan their upstream 3D printing production and downstream manufacturing processes upon confirming production details with their engineers submitting orders. 

Templates and automatic notifications

By designing and attaching templatized work plans for each part order within an assembly, representatives that are processing parts for post-production will be automatically notified once work is in their queue. In other words, this module part of Link3D’s MES platform will list the steps required to process a 3D printed job till completion. Detailed post-processing information will include responsible parties and descriptions and/or checklists for each step in the development of the part. Easy drag-and-drop, Kanban, Gantt Chart and List views allow facility users get a 9 foot view and 9 second view of their production schedules. Allowing technicians to trace and track their activities from beginning-to-end with built-in quality management solutions.

Link3D Co-Founder and CTO, Vishal Singh, explains: "With dynamic routing and smart scheduling algorithms, Link3D aims to drastically improve the operational efficiency of additive production, particularly for OEM's looking to adopt series production. Furthermore, capturing and tracking data at each stage creates the perfect platform to enables data-driven automation."

Downstream manufacturing first

Majority of MES and additive workflow software systems do not take care of downstream manufacturing processes, which ends up disconnecting the digital thread. OEMs and service bureaus oftentimes need to introduce multiple digital and offline systems to manage their additive manufacturing production. With Link3D’s post-processing management technology, the entire process is centralized and streamlined. As a result, greater data connectivity, logging, and traceability are enabled across post processing planning, task assignment, checklists, scheduling, yield management - and more. 

Shane Fox, Link3D Co-Founder & CEO says, “Link3D's mission is to develop exciting software solutions to advance the future of additive manufacturing. Link3D believes in developing technology to increase productivity and help organizations scale to series production. A true additive manufacturing execution system is crucial to achieve this mission. “

Post-processing management

Post-processing management provides a closed-loop yield management system if parts fail during any post-processing stage. To add, Link3D’s PPS technology will allow for distributed manufacturing across internal and external post-processing vendors. Post-process management for additive manufacturing projects finally provides companies with the tools to streamline their entire 3D printed projects, something that has never been possible before. Link3D’s advancement of technology continues to improve the way companies adopt and utilize 3D printing on a global scale.

Link3D is at FormNext 2018, pass by to learn more about Hall 3 Booth B46.

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