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  • Liquid Cooled Motor
    Liquid Cooled Motor

Based on the success and reliability of the IMfinity platform, the LC motors achieve the highest electrical and mechanical performance. The liquid cooling system of LC motors, provided by water circulation over the frame housing, offers significant advantages, such as the power-weight ratio (increased power in the same motor frame size) and compactness (saving up to 25% of volume compared to an air-cooled motor for easier and less costly integration within a machine or a system.

Moreover, LC technology makes it possible to eliminate external components, such as ventilation equipment. Based on the new IMfinity® induction motor range, the LC series has been designed to achieve the efficiency levels defined in IEC 60034-30-1. As standard, LC motors are IE3 Premium from 150 to 1500 kW. Perfectly suited for use in variable speed, the LC motor has been designed to integrate specific features as standard, such as a thermal reserve for maintaining the rated torque over an extended speed range.

In order to meet particular requirements, options can be provided upon request, including reinforced winding insulation and insulated bearings. The motor can also be equipped with an encoder for applications that require precise positioning.

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