MaintentanceStories 2015: Heineken Italia Presents its First “Green” Beer

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Heineken launched the first Italian beer made with photovoltaic energy through the campaign “Brewing a Better World” promoting environmental sustainability

MaintentanceStories 2015: Heineken Italia Presents its First “Green” Beer
MaintentanceStories 2015: Heineken Italia Presents its First “Green” Beer

MaintenanceStories, the event organized by TIMGlobal Media and dedicated to Maintenance and Factory Managers taking place next October at Heineken's plant in Comun Nuovo, Italy, is getting closer. The biggest brewery plant in Italy is one of the most committed to energy efficiency: from 2010, Heineken Italia has been developing a ten-year plan for environmental sustainability, called "Brewing a Better World". The Italian branch of the company is also involved in a project of sustainability on a social level, aimed at raising awareness on responsible drinking.

The results of the first five years of application of this new strategy have been recently reported, highlighting four highly important factors:

  • · -55,4% of CO₂ emissions;
  • · -38% of water consumption;
  • · 100% of energy coming from certified renewable sources;
  • · More than 190.00 people contacted and involved in discussions on responsible drinking.

In the setting of Expo 2015, the international exhibition on food that is now taking place in Milan, Heineken presents Birra Moretti Baffo D'Oro, the Italian beer "made with the sun", produced using exclusively renewable energies coming from photovoltaic systems. Thanks to 8000 solar panels installed in the brewery plants of Comun Nuovo and Massafra (Italy) and to 2,5 GW/h of cleaned energy produced every year, the whole production process is fed using photovoltaic energy.

To certify the whole process, Heineken worked with Certiquality, the Italian certification institute which confirmed the quality of Heineken's brewing process.

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