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From Medwel and Portwell, this kind of medical PC has a LCD display with 1280x800 resolution and FCC Class B and an external I/O interface with two USB 3.0 ports


This medical grade pc from Portwell has a LCD display with 1280x800 resolution
This medical grade pc from Portwell has a LCD display with 1280x800 resolution

Meds-P1001 is a medical grade touchscreen PC from Medwel, Portwell’s medical solution provider; this PC is designed for medical equipment HMI and hospital bedside terminal, and it has an Android OS support. MEDS-P1001 owns the Intel Atom® x5-E3930 processor with 1.3GHz clock speed and 6.5Watt thermal design power, which allows it to serve as a basic low-power computer terminal; MEDS-P1001 also has features a slim fan-less design. These two characteristics make it a silent energy-efficient system and suitable for various applications in the medical care field.

LCD display with 1280x800 resolution 

The display is a 10.1” LCD display with 1280 × 800 resolution (16:10 display ratio) and maximum brightness of 350 lumen paired with, a true-flat projected capacitive (PCAP) touch screen. MEDS-P1001 antibacterial, alcohol-resistant plastic housing, waterproof and dustproof true-flat touch screen design, and compliance with IEC 60601-1, and FCC Class B certification standards ensure its safety and dependability in medical and healthcare applications.

Medical PC’s external I/O interface has two USB 3.0 ports

MEDS-P1001 is also equipped with low-power SO-DIMM DDR3L memory modules with a clock speed of 1600MHz and a maximum memory capacity of 8GB, while the SSD storage device offers faster read/write speeds and a quicker boot time than conventional hard drives. The external I/O interface has two USB 3.0 ports, one Gigabit Ethernet, one RS-232, one HDMI, MIC-in, Line-out port and power switch. The internal equipment includes a 2W speaker, built-in microphone, 5-megapixel camera module (optional) and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth 4.0 wireless module (Mini-PCIe), while the expansion interface includes one half-height Mini PCIe slot and four USB ports.

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