MIDEST 2017 Brings New Opportunities Following the Convergence for the Industry of the Future as Main Topic

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The event will take place from Tuesday 3rd to Thursday 5th October occupying new halls at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre

MIDEST 2017 Brings New Opportunities Following the Convergence for the Industry of the Future as Main Topic
MIDEST 2017 Brings New Opportunities Following the Convergence for the Industry of the Future as Main Topic

The 2017 edition of MIDEST will have the industrial convergence as it focuses on the new prospects that are emerging. The results of the first “Convergence for the Industry of the Future”, which was created and held under the patronage of the President of the Republic, have been so encouraging that it is being repeated and MIDEST is changing in order to be able to take full advantage of the symbiosis generated by the combination. This year it will therefore switch from 4 to 3 days, move from December to October and occupy new halls at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre. There will also be an enhanced programme of side events and lectures to build on the success of 2016.

MIDEST 2016 in Figures

Running from 6th to 9th December, MIDEST 2016 brought together 35,616 professionals from 77 countries and most notably Belgium, Italy, Tunisia, Spain and Germany, in that order. 80% of the visitors were engineers, executives or managers and 74% were final decision makers or specifiers, drawn from some thirty application markets. Such an extensive and varied range of visitors generated real business opportunities for the 1,360 exhibitors from 38 different countries representing 16 areas of know-how.

Much more than just a plain meeting space, MIDEST 2016 highlighted numerous user reports and demonstrations that stimulated discussions about the industry of today as well as looking towards that of tomorrow. The show’s programme, which featured more side events and more lectures, was well received. Key themes such as prototyping, robotization, additive manufacturing, new materials, augmented reality as well as employment generated constructive discussions and helped to forge relationships between visitors, exhibitors and partners. 

Under the Banner of the Convergence

It was very much the future of the sector that was the focus of the 46th MIDEST, held as it was for the first time within the framework of the Convergence for the Industry of the Future, an event that brought together MIDEST, Smart Industries and Forum industrie du future [Industry of the Future Forum] and numbered a total of 1,700 exhibitors, 42,000 professionals and a hundred lectures. Its participants welcomed this gathering of industry in its entirety, extending from the upstream end of industrial subcontracting right down to the customers, and presenting products and innovations, as well as the technologies involved. Such synergy allowed companies to really integrate themselves into the industry of the future. 

The presence and the involvement of the President of the Republic, François Hollande in the creation of this event, as well as that of the Secretary of State for Industry, Christophe Sirugue, have demonstrated the determination of the government to work alongside French manufacturers, who have a major role to play in the revolution that is taking place.  

MIDEST 2017 Change of Site… change of dates

This year’s show is scheduled to run from Tuesday 3rd to Thursday 5th October 2017 at Paris Nord Villepinte. Convergence for the Industry of the Future, jointly organized by GL Events and Reed Expositions France, in partnership with the Alliance pour l’Industrie du Futur [Alliance for the Industry of the Future], will now occupy halls 3 and 4. This configuration offers enhanced synergy between the various spaces: MIDEST, Smart Industries, demonstration and event areas, lecture theatres, etc. 

The challenge for the event is motivate industry (subcontractors, customers, research centres,…) to forge relationships, to create new opportunities and to share experience in pursuit of a series of transformation priorities: 

- Digitization of the value chain

- Automation, internal logistics, process robotization 

- Additive manufacturing

- Composites and new materials

- Man in the factory

- Monitoring

- Energy efficiency and the environmental footprint of companies and their integration into the ecosystem

This stimulating dynamic opens up exciting prospects for all the participating markets and stakeholders.  

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