Mitsubishi Electric Journey to Industry 4.0 at SPS IPC Drives

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Exploring new application solutions for the automation and digitalization of industrial processes

Mitsubishi Electric Journey to Industry 4.0 at SPS IPC Drives
Mitsubishi Electric Journey to Industry 4.0 at SPS IPC Drives
Mitsubishi Electric Journey to Industry 4.0 at SPS IPC Drives
Mitsubishi Electric Journey to Industry 4.0 at SPS IPC Drives

Mitsubishi Electric showcased a portfolio of integrated automation components and services at the SPS IPC Drives Expo 2016. Under the banner ‘e-F@ctory, your journey to Industry 4.0’, it gave visitors the opportunity to explore new application solutions that enable the automation and digitalization of industrial processes and also exchange ideas with experts.

Different application demands

The innovations address different application demands on a production level, alongside specific sector solutions for Automotive, Food & Beverage, Water Utilities and Life Science. All exhibits were aligned with meeting increased overall efficiency and cost reduction targets, while providing the answers to specific challenges such as traceability, quality, safety and sustainability.

Addressing the challenges of Industry 4.0 today

Many of the solutions that were on show have been developed together with partner companies from the e F@ctory Alliance, such as Auvesy, Datalogic and Eplan. These solutions comprise the latest developments for smart PLCs, robots, servo systems, single platform PLC based CNC control and network technologies.

A particular focus was a preview of the innovative linear transfer system with Smart Carriage technology from Mitsubishi Electric and APT Automation. The Smart Carriage delivers on-board intelligence and integrated power for on-board carriage equipment. It also supports the ability to switch between parallel tracks on production lines, allowing multiple operations on different products.

Predictive maintenance

Working with e F@ctory Alliance member Schaeffler has also produced an online solution for preventive maintenance based on a smart condition monitoring device and Mitsubishi Electric developed software. The FR-A800-E drive provides a convenient and easy to install package that connects seamlessly to factory automation and management systems.

Integrated production line control

The Mitsubishi Electric booth demonstrated how control over machine tool functions, integrated into the iQ-R automation platform, enables control of the entire manufacturing production line from a single point. The new C80 CNC CPU unit mounts alongside an iQ-R Series PLC’s existing modules, offering users the benefits of a common programming environment, easier installation and commissioning, and reduced hardware costs.

Approaching the Internet of Things

Mitsubishi Electric is also offering different options to make use of all the benefits resulting from Cloud Computing and secure data storage: Edge computing can be realised using different combinations of products and technologies provided by Mitsubishi Electric and e F@ctory Alliance partners Adroit Technologies or eWon. Together, they offer managed connections to existing cloud services and therefore provide maximum flexibility.

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