Modular Safety Controller Mosaic

To monitor safety sensors and commands

  • Modular Safety Controller Mosaic
    Modular Safety Controller Mosaic

The reasons for success of the ReeR's products, used in the world of packaging and logistics, increase thanks to the modular configurable safety controller "Mosaic". To the traditional strengths: quick installation, integration of all required functions for palletizing systems (such as Muting and Override) and compliance with the safety requirements the security parameters, are added the flexibility and possibility of future expansion of the safety system typical of the Configurable Safety Integrated controller. Today, not to mention the significant regulatory changes related to the safety of the machines introduced since 2010, the design and construction of the safety of a complex logistic center, depends largely by economic factors and needs of expansion and changes that over time could affect some machinery or whole plant parts.

Mosaic solution meets this requirement. Mosaic is a modular, configurable safety controller for protecting machines or plants. With Mosaic you can plan the project for the security taking into account the possible expansions, integrations and modifications of machinery. All controls concentrated on the main unit and expansion modules Depending on the complexity of the system, the system can be composed or from the single main unit (module Master M1) or, in maximum configuration, from the main unit and 14 expansions (total of 128 input, 16 OSSD pairs, 16 feedback restart e/o interlock input and 32 signaling status outputs. Mosaic is capable of monitoring several safety sensors and commands including encoder and proximity for safety speed monitoring. Expansion units are also available to permit connection for diagnostics purposes to the most common industrial Fieldbus systems.

The MCT1 and MCT2 interface modules allow the de-centralization of the modules that comprise the safety system. This solution is ideal for connecting multiple machines on a production line. Example of application Protect palletizing systems for sacks or material not easily stacked, with the presence of seams, labels and protrusions that may making irregular the geometric shape of the pallet and thereby cause false signals from the sensors. To solve the problem and achieve high reliability of operation of the plant while ensuring all safety requirements, the light curtains and muting sensors used are handled by the Mosaic Safety Controller. This solution, in addition to ensuring the functionality preventing undesirable stops due to false signals, allows you to easily adapt the system to the safety features of the system in accordance with the IEC TS 62046 and other existing rules.

In the plant, to protect the access gates, have been implemented: • One-way openings with pallet exit The sensors are on the same side of the vertical light curtain and are placed in front of the guarded opening. • Two-way openings with pallet entrance/exit The Muting sensors are the first on one side and the second on the other in relation to the vertical light curtain. All timings of the system and management of muting functions are configurable by the safety controller Mosaic. This allows maximum versatility of the plant.

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