Modular Safety Integrated Controller

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Protect machines and plants


Modular Safety Integrated Controller
Modular Safety Integrated Controller
Modular Safety Integrated Controller
Modular Safety Integrated Controller
Modular Safety Integrated Controller
Modular Safety Integrated Controller
Modular Safety Integrated Controller
Modular Safety Integrated Controller

ReeR offers a full range of light curtains, light barriers, laser scanners, safety controllers and interfaces. The company has created the modular safety integrated controller Mosaic, safety level SIL3 PL e. It has been designed to protect machines or plants and is capable of monitoring several safety sensors and commands, including encoder and proximity for safety speed monitoring, concentrating management of these in a single, flexible device.

Mosaic comprises a master unit M1, configurable via the MSD (Mosaic Safety Designer) graphic interface - provided with each Master unit at no extra cost - and a maximum of 14 expansion units connectable to M1 via the MSC proprietary bus. The Mosaic system can be equipped with a maximum of 128 inputs,16 OSSD pairs, 16 feedback restart e/o interlock input and 32 signaling outputs. Expansion units are also available to permit connection for diagnostics purposes to the most common industrial Fieldbus systems.

Concerning in particular the sensors, the supplier highlight the safety light curtains EOS4 and EOS2 that, with a section of only 28 x 30 mm, are one of the smallest light curtains on the market (with all integrated safety functions). They can be connected to Mosaic, safety dedicated interfaces, contactors controlled directly or safety PLCs.

All models in the range have been certified for protection degree IP 65 and IP 67, providing high resistance to infiltration by dust and liquids in a highly compact light curtain. Watertight enclosures allow EOS4 and EOS2 light curtains grids to be used in harsh working environments with exposure to water and steam. The small EOS WTF and WTHF cylindrical enclosure (only 56mm diameter) is IP 69K protection rate tested and can withstand up to 80 bar of water jets pressure at the temperature of 80°C.

Thanks to its inert (non-toxic) components, no residuals are left when the light curtains are washed down or when they come directly in contact with food. This makes WTF and WTHF enclosures suitable for the Food & Beverage industry. The EOS WTF and WTHF light curtains have also been certified by ECOLAB, passing the material resistance tests, according to the cleaning procedures for the Food and Beverage industry.

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