Modular Safety Controller

The system launched by ReeR was selected by DeD Automation to protect the operator gate of a series of automatic benches pedal assembly mounting

  • Modular Safety Controller
    Modular Safety Controller

Resulting from a fruitful cooperation between two market leaders, ReeR and DeD, the latest automatic assembly lines for machine safety using EOS Light Curtains and Mosaic - Reer modular and configurable controller - are able to manage all of installation safety functions.

Designing and producing safety equipment for complex machinery for assembly and automation tasks with different levels of interaction with the operator, often means considering economic factors and numerous flexibility requirements. When developing a new solution, it's essential to take into consideration that it must comply with increasingly stringent safety regulations, as well as adapt to the constant evolution of product types.

In order to meet these requirements, ReeR (a global leader in the production of optoelectronic sensors for industrial safety) designed the modular safety controller Mosaic, a configurable system that brings together the complete management of safety functions for machines or installations in a single solution. Thanks to its modularity and configurability, combined with high quality standards, Mosaic was selected by DeD Automation s.r.l., active in the automotive sector, to protect the operator gate of a series of automatic benches pedal assembly mounting (clutch and brakes).

The operator must enter the work pieces and switch on the machine using a start command. During the machine cycle, the operator gate is protected by ReeR EOS light curtains. Safety light curtains, start, stop and reset buttons are managed by the Mosaic safety controller. The production process phases and the components assembly instructions are shown on the operating panel display that integrates: reset function for the light curtains, operator controls, alarm reset, and manual or automatic operation selector.

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