SAFEGATE light curtains

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SAFEGATE light curtains
SAFEGATE light curtains

The Reer SAFEGATE type 4 range of safety light curtains is the ideal solution for the protection of a vast number of high-risk industrial applications, in particular those requiring a high level of integration of the muting functions. It guarantees the integration of the muting sensors that can be connected directly to the safety light curtain.

The new range of safety light curtains comprises hardware configurable models (SM/SMO) that allow configuration of the muting logic and functional parameters via the main connector wiring. Three different configurations are available: TX (two-way muting with 2 crossed beams sensors), T4 (two-way muting with 4 parallel beams sensors) and L (one-way muting with 2 crossed/parallel beams sensors). For programmable models (SMPO) functional parameters configuration is managed instead via Safegate Configuration Software (SCS). The SMPO programmable models allow partial muting function, hence the possibility of interdicting a number of beams in relation to the size and shape of the pallet in order to prevent dangerous access when the light curtains is in muting condition.

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