More Design Flexibility, Less Hardware Complexity in Gate Drivers

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EiceDRIVER™ X3 Enhanced family for greater design flexibility and reduced hardware complexity

Picture of the EiceDRIVER™ X3 Digital 1ED38xx
Picture of the EiceDRIVER™ X3 Digital 1ED38xx

On December the 3rd 2020  in Munich, Germany, Infineon Technologies AG has launched the EiceDRIVER™ X3 Enhanced analogue (1ED34xx) and digital (1ED38xx) gate driver ICs. 

These devices provide a typical output current of 3, 6 and 9 A, precise short-circuit detection, a Miller clamp and soft turn-off. In addition, 1ED34xx offers an adjustable desaturation filter time and soft turn-off current with external resistors. Bound together, these features make for accelerated design cycles thanks to a lower external component count. 1ED38xx provides I 2C configurability for multiple parameters. This adds more flexibility to the design, reduces hardware complexity and cuts down evaluation time. These gate drivers are suitable for industrial drives, solar systems, uninterruptible power supplies, EV chargers and other industrial applications.

The EiceDRIVER X3 Enhanced 1ED34xx and 1ED38xx families

The EiceDRIVER X3 Enhanced 1ED34xx and 1ED38xx families are designed for IGBTs as well as for SiC and Si MOSFETs in discrete and module packages. The output current of up to 9 A eliminates the need for external booster components. The CMTI robustness of more than 200 kV/µs avoids faulty switching patterns. Both gate-driver families feature a 40 V absolute maximum output supply voltage and a tight propagation delay matching of 30 ns (max.), resulting in shorter dead time. The I 2C configurability options for the 1ED38xx include short-circuit detection, soft turn-off, undervoltage lockout (UVLO), a Miller clamp and overtemperature shutdown. This gate driver family also offers a two-level turn-off through software settings (TLTOff).

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