Multi-axis Anglock Vise

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Reduces part lift

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Multi-axis Anglock Vise
Multi-axis Anglock Vise

Featuring a 5-axis Anglock, the MaxLock 350 multi-axis vise from Kurt reduces part lift to a minimum, holding parts with maximum rigidity for close tolerance repeatability in all axes. It is ideal for clamping parts for continuous 5-axis cutting motion of complex pockets, sculptured and contoured surfaces and intricate 3-D features with repeatable high precision accuracy. The vise delivers up to 4,536 kg of clamping force at 81 N/m of input torque. It provides rigid, obstruction-free, high speed machining in all 5 axes. Where conventional work holding limits a 5-axis machining center to just 3-axis operation, the multi-axis vise extends the operating range of the machining center to its full output potential. Designed with precision machined steel components, it is more versatile than other multi-axis vise designs. Featuring a large 15.9 mm stroke, the MaxLock 350 allows for a wider range of clamping before changing the setup. Its modular design is adjustable to handle any desired clamping length and is limited only by the size of the machine table. The vise is available with screw lengths of 203.20, 304.80, 457.20 and 609.60 mm with minimum jaw opening of 12.7 to a maximum jaw opening of 393.7 mm. The multi-axis vise has quick alignment features. It mounts on 50.8 mm grid patterns when removed from the riser and “T” slots or center hole grids 100mm (with the long riser) and under. The vise has a 12.7 or 15.9 mm holes for fast mounting on risers using sine keys. In addition to auxiliary clamping slots for greater mounting flexibility, the vise features chip guarded design that keeps clamping mechanism free of chips for cleaner, smoother vise operation and faster loading; Replacement vise screws can be easily machined and changed in the vise to accommodate a broad range of part sizes; Optional accessories include workstops and jaws. These include double step 40RC jaws with CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) coating (for maximum gripping force) and carvable 40RC jaws complete with mounting holes.

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