Multi-tasking Communication Server

Offers connectivity for different types of devices

  • Multi-tasking Communication Server
    Multi-tasking Communication Server

Connext from Progea is a multi-tasking communication server, which offers connectivity for different types of devices and powerful data logging tools. It is an open, modular I/O server solution based on OPC UA technology. By leveraging Connext's ability to obtain real-time data via machine to machine (M2M) communications, customers can build systems that boost efficiency.

Features and advantages

Connext allows the user to connect any field device, as it supports many standard communication protocols, plus Industrial Internet of Things (IloT) communications via the cloud. Connext is a flexible server that enables users to benefit from a higher level of plant connectivity. It can serve a range of industrial information systems, such as SCADA, HMIs, MES and ERP platforms.

More than a server

The Connext server was designed to support the Data Access (DA), Alarm & Conditions (A&C) and Historical Access (HA) OPC UA specifications. Therefore, in addition to its server functions, Connext also offers the possibility to manage alarm notifications and record the data transferred in a database, either on-premise or cloud.

Maximum availability of data connections and archives

Connext supports the Hot Backup redundant function, allowing it to handle data server arrays to ensure maximum availability of data connections and archives for each project or application. Progea's Connext server goes beyond the traditional concept of "server", making its own concepts of interoperability and connectivity. It is a comprehensive solution to create efficient and reliable network systems for communication, data transfer and recording.

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