New Global Headquarters for IRISS

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Investment of $5.7million

New Global Headquarters for IRISS
New Global Headquarters for IRISS

Hot on the heals of the world launch of its Platinum, clear polymer infrared inspection window, IRISS has broken ground on the first development phase for its global headquarters and manufacturing facility in Manatee County, Florida.
The company, which has its origins in the UK, has enjoyed tremendous growth thanks to the acknowledged cost-saving and safety benefits of its products and this latest move is seen a springboard for further commercial development.
IRISS has invested $5.7million in this US building that will give its sales, manufacturing and support organisation 3,000 square metres of operational space. "Our phenomenal growth of 69 per cent year-on-year drove the decision to co-locate our manufacturing and global headquarters in Manatee County," explained the company's founder and CEO, Martin Robinson. And it also underpins the high demand for IRISS products in the US.
IRISS is the manufacturer of the world's first and only industrial grade infrared windows. This patented technology is now central to many preventive maintenance programmes as it saves inspection time and reduces risk to plant assets and personnel.
In addition to growing its operating facilities in the US, IRISS will also be extending its workforce; 30 new posts are currently envisaged. The project is set for completion by mid-2013. The company's new UK facility in Chelmsford, remains the main operating base for the UK and Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Posted on September 3, 2012 - (312 views)
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