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'Tell us your lifestyle and we will help you finding the right case for you': The innovative webpage launched by Peli Products will support active people in their research for protective cases

A new range of protective cases for mobiles and tablets was launched by Peli™ Products. 

The innovative consumer new website has been developed to present this new product range for your everyday life! 'Tell us your lifestyle and we will help you finding the right case for you': The website's main aim is to support active people in their everyday life.

Have Fun With Peli Mobile Protection

Answering an interactive survey and checking in real-time how their peers have damaged their mobiles and tried to rescue them will be some of the ways for visitors to have fun. During an emergency, people would save first their mobile or sentimental keepsake? What people do when their phone had water damage, using a hairdryer, a bag of rice or freeze it? Give your own answers and compare them with the others!

With this new site, Peli also launches a Brand Ambassador Program for its enthusiastic fans. Register today and get the opportunity to test Peli's latest products before anyone else in Europe.

On top of this, Amazing Testimonials, Product reviews, What's on Peli's Social Media channels and New Videos can also be found in the new Peli website too! Furthermore, since this is a real European site, all its contents are available in 9 European languages.

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Posted on December 23, 2015 - (738 views)
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