Oil Dielectric Tester

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With a touchscreen digital interface

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Oil Dielectric Tester
Oil Dielectric Tester

HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS announces the launch of the new OC60-DI Oil Dielectric Tester. The OC60-DI Oil Dielectric Testers are highly accurate, portable and modern. The OC60-DI takes the classic robust and rugged design and adds the new user-friendly touchscreen digital interface.

Features and benefits

This new smart unit contains preprogrammed industry standard tests such as the ASTM D1816, JIS C2101 and IEC 60156 and many more to make a complete and capable unit. The ability to use the internal battery allows for the unit to be as useful in the field as it is in a laboratory. The unit comes standard with USB interface for easy access to save, record, and share test results.   

Posted on June 15, 2018 - (311 views)
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