Oil leak-free pressure control valve type CLK

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safety valve function

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Oil leak-free pressure control valve type CLK
Oil leak-free pressure control valve type CLK

This pressure control valve features a safety valve function. The added feature makes the valve particularly suitable for operation in hydraulic systems in which temperature increases and/or external load peaks can result in unwanted pressure increases. The construction as seated valve at the same time makes it zero-leakage when closed removing the need for additional check valves or continuous re-feeding, which would normally be required with conventional spool type pressure reducing valves. The valve can provide up to 22lpm at 380 bar from systems with max. 500 bar. It is built as screw-on valve, where the mounting hole can be manufactured using simplest tools. Other versions of this valve are designed for mounting within valve banks reducing the pressure for subsequent valves or as part of an NG6 intermediate plate for individual pressure control.

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