OIL series of industrial vacuums

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OIL series of industrial vacuums
OIL series of industrial vacuums

A careful analysis on the mechanical manufacturers’ needs led to develop a whole range of industrial vacuums expressly designed for the mechanical sector. In the mechanical companies there are many different working processes therefore the real solutions and real advantages are needed. The OIL series features: light, easy to manoeuvre, simple, easy to use, practical, easy to empty, fast, quick completion of the working activities. The vacuum collects oil, slim, chips, then it sorts out the oil from the waste and filters it so that it is possible reusing the cleaned oil discharging it inside the machine tool by means of the specially provided ''gun'', and all this in few minutes. The series offers to the mechanical industry a saving: on the costs for the purchase of coolants and oils, on the sharpening costs for the machine tools, on the costs caused by the stop-machine.

Posted on April 1, 2009 - (167 views)
Via Porrettana 1991
41059 Zocca - Italy
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