Oilfield Water Operations Optimized by Flow Meters

This whitepaper describes how instrumentation manufacturers have responded to the needs of the upstream sector by offering proven metering techniques to meet demanding flow measurement requirements

  • Oilfield Water Operations Optimized by Flow Meters
    Oilfield Water Operations Optimized by Flow Meters

Badger Meters. The energy industry is under constant pressure in all production environments. In the face of rising costs and increased operating demands, exploration & production (E&P) companies are looking to maximize production –
while ensuring safe operations and avoiding environmental impact. During the exploration and drilling stages at oil and gas fields, accurate and dependable flow metering equipment is essential to ensure production is optimized. Produced water applications, in particular, challenge oilfield operators. The costs associated with these processes can adversely affect the economics of the producing wells, thereby discouraging further development and leaving substantial reserves unrecoverable

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