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Feature 2 Mpts, 2 GS/s and 7” widescreen display

Test & Measurement


Two new lines of the WaveAce oscilloscope series, the WaveAce 1000 and 2000, have been introduced by LeCroy. WaveAce 1000 oscilloscopes feature a sample rate of up to 1 GS/s with 2 Mpts of memory in two-channel models from 40 to 100 MHz. WaveAce 2000 oscilloscopes deliver sample rates of up to 2 GS/s and 24 kpts of memory and are available in two- and four-channel models from 70 up to 300 MHz. The oscilloscopes feature a large 7” widescreen display, and powerful debug tools such as 32 automatic measurements, waveform math capabilities, pass/fail mask testing, large internal storage, remote control and waveform recorder. Integration with the company's logic analyzer and waveform generators provides expanded debug and testing capabilities. The display can show up to five measurements, or show all 32 measurements at once with the measurement dashboard. A wide range of advanced timing parameters provide insight to the relationship between signals on two different channels. There are five math functions for additional analysis including add, subtract, multiply, divide and FFT. The FFT can be viewed using four different windows and two different vertical scales for a flexible view of the frequency domain. Built-in pass/fail mask testing allows for quick identification of problems and highlights when they have occurred. Saving and recalling waveforms and setups from internal memory can significantly shorten test and debug time. Contrary to many oscilloscope models that rely on external USB storage, the new series can save up to 20 waveforms, 20 setups and two reference waveforms. All models provide a USB host port on the front panel for saving screen images, waveforms and setups to a memory stick. A rear panel USB device port allows for connection to a PC or printer. Facilitating connection and communication with a PC, the company's WaveStudio software provides full access to the oscilloscope's display, measurement, waveform data and front panel controls. Both oscilloscopes are easily integrated with the LogicStudio 16 logic analyzer or the WaveStation function/arbitrary waveform generators. When connected to a PC, the LogicStudio and oscilloscope combination turn any PC into a mixed signal oscilloscope. Tools for capturing, viewing and measuring analog, digital and serial bus signals are integrated on one screen. LogicStudio offers 16 channels, 100 MHz and up to 1 GS/s logic analysis with I2C, SPI and UART triggering and decoding. Connecting an oscilloscope and a WaveStation to the same PC enables transferring real world signals captured on an oscilloscope to the WaveStation to be easily recreated later. Signals saved to the WaveStation can then be edited with the PC editing software using a variety of math, filtering or point by point editing tools. The high performance and large feature set of the oscilloscope is controlled by an intuitive user interface with 11 different languages and a streamlined front panel. All important controls and menus are accessed from the front panel with a single button press. All position and offsets can be reset by simply pressing the corresponding knob. Pressing the V/Div knob will switch between fixed and variable gain, and pressing the T/div knob will toggle between zoom modes. Buttons on the front panel that open and close menus or switch modes, are backlit so that the mode of operation is easily visible to the user.

Posted on July 19, 2012 - (282 views)
LeCroy Corporation
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