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Position Indicator
Position Indicator

SIKO's new AP10 Position Indicator features an inverted backlit LCD display. Backlighting ensures that the position values are still easy to read even in hard to see places or in poor ambient lighting. The LCD features a two-line, six-digit, 14-segment display. Allowing even for long adjustment paths to be represented with high display accuracy. The 14-segment display also allows a clear representation of alpha numeric characters, making it easier to configure, commission, and troubleshoot.

In addition to the direction of rotation arrows on the LCD display, the position indicator also provides clear visual user guidance via two two-color status LEDs. These indicate not only the positioning status (InPos or OutPos), but also show the required direction of rotation to reach the target directly. Like the previous AP04 model, the device also provides loop positioning to compensate for mechanical spindle play. The bus-capable position indicator is optionally available with an RS485 or a CANopen interface. The AP10 can also be integrated into different fieldbus and Ethernet networks via an additional interface converter. Particularly noteworthy are Profibus DP, Profinet IO, Ethernet / IP, EtherCAT and Powerlink.

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