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With protection degree IP67

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Pizzato Elettrica widens its EROUND line of control and signaling devices by the introduction of the E6 series potentiometer. Thanks to its monolithic shape, it has been possible to integrate all the mechanical and electrical components needed for its end use inside the E6 series potentiometer body. It is therefore not necessary to assemble any other parts, all that is required is to insert the circuit wires into the incorporated terminal board. Moreover, the resistive element used is made of a composite ceramic and metal material, produced with the Cermet technology, which ensures stability and constancy in the resistance value set. This series potentiometers all have protection degree IP67, this way guaranteeing a total protection also in hard environmental conditions. The potentiometer is provided with a 3-pole terminal board with a PUSH-IN type spring-operated connection. This technology allows a quick wiring procedure, since the wire just needs to be inserted into the appropriate hole in order to be secured and to establish the electrical connection. The said operation can be carried out without the help of any tool, but simply using rigid or flexible wires with a crimped tip. Release is obtained by pressing the appropriate wire-releasing push-button. The E6 series potentiometer is characterized by a considerable mechanical resistance to usage and by maximum protection, preventing liquids or foreign bodies from entering. It is available with several resistance values: 1.000 Ω, 2.200 Ω, 4.700 Ω, 10.000 Ω e 100.000 Ω.

Posted on July 3, 2013 - (931 views)
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