Quadrax-contact Connectors

intended for railway applications

  • by Souriau
  • May 11, 2010
  • Quadrax-contact Connectors
    Quadrax-contact Connectors

Souriau introduces the Ethernet Quadrax-contact connectors intended for railway applications. These high-speed contacts with 7 dedicated ranges are intended for onboard or trackside applications for railways. They can be used with copper cable, transmitting data according to MVB, WTB and Ethernet protocols at speeds up to 1 gigabyte/second. These connectors have been adapted to railway cables, which have specific cross-sections and diameters. The railway range now has five connectors with Quadrax: 1 layout with 1 Quadrax for the VGE1 series, 1 layout with 1 Quadrax for the FER1 series, and 3 layouts for the 838 series: 2 Quadrax, 4 Quadrax and 4 Quadrax + 8 signal contacts.