New Fiber Optic Connector UTS LC

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for industrial and FTTx applications

Electronics & Electricity

New Fiber Optic Connector UTS LC
New Fiber Optic Connector UTS LC

The new Fiber Optic Connector UTS LC for industrial and FTTx applications has several million units already installed worldwide: Esterline Connection Technologies - SOURIAU's range of UTS connectors is a popular choice.

Thanks to the new Fiber Optic Connector UTS LC, the range now covers the entire spectrum of power and signal needs in copper and fibre-optic technologies. The UTS LC connector is waterproof IP68/69K and offers many innovations, such as the protection of optical terminations and its ability to integrate all LC contacts on the market. It makes it easy to handle for non skilled workforce and fit for rapid deployment.

Fundamental characteristics

Quick Locking 
Ergonomic 1/3-turn locking
Audible click

Long Life Warranty 
Corrosion free

Outdoor Use 
Waterproof IP67 / IP68 
Resists Shock and vibration

Secure Mating 
Protected LC contact 
Robust shell material 
High strength cable retention system

Optical Contact Multi-Sourcing 
Designed for all standard LC contacts


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