Refrigerated Dryers

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Up to 24 Percent Lower Energy Consumption

Energy Efficiency

Refrigerated Dryers
Refrigerated Dryers

The Next Generation Refrigerated Dryers from Ingersoll Rand are designed for energy conscious industrial customers, the new refrigerated dryers offer improved operating efficiency with up to 24 percent lower energy consumption, up to 40 percent lower pressure drop and increased reliability – all with a 20 percent smaller footprint compared to the previous generation.

Main features

The newly launched next generation of high efficiency cycling and standard non-cycling refrigerated dryers from Ingersoll Rand feature an innovative heat exchanger technology with advanced condensation management and improved heat transfer characteristics. They offer capacity of 1300-2250 m3/hr and deliver Class-4 dry air, with a pressure dew point (PDP) of +3°C. The new intelligent controller is constantly monitoring the condensate level in the moisture separator to optimize discharge through the electronic no-loss drain valve. If the drain is not properly discharging due to contaminates, or some other malfunction, the controller will automatically adjust the timing sequence of the drain in order to maintain optimum discharge and the dryer’s performance.

Centrifugal separation

Ingersoll Rand refrigerated dryers use centrifugal separation to remove moisture at the coldest point in the system. As the air stream is cooled in the heat exchanger, moisture from the air stream condenses and is discharged through an electronic condensate removal drain. The result is highly efficient moisture removal and dry, clean air, combined with low-pressure drop.

Durability and reliability

In the high efficiency cycling dryer design, a thermal mass storage reservoir is added to the refrigeration circuit to store cold energy. This reduces compressor run time and offers customers additional energy savings. To ensure durability and reliability during operation, the new refrigerated dryers were tested in a climatic chamber to simulate the most demanding environmental conditions possible and were validated according to ISO 9001 specifications.

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