ATEX certified Tools and Drills

For use in hazardous atmospheres

  • ATEX certified Tools and Drills
    ATEX certified Tools and Drills

Among the ATEX-certified Ingersoll Rand tools figure include seven heavy-duty pneumatic tools for use in hazardous atmospheres. These are built with premium components to reduce the risk of sparks and bear even the harsher conditions. They are ideal for specialized applications in the marine, shipping, industrial manufacturing, oil and gas, petrochemical and construction industries.

The industrial tools portfolio

The Ingersoll Rand ATEX-certified portfolio of industrial tools includes:

  • 1/2” 2131PEX: An impact wrench featuring the Ingersoll Rand twin hammer impact mechanism to deliver control and precise delivery of power and speed.
  • 3/4’’ 2925RBP1TiEX: This impact wrench features the Ingersoll Rand twin hammer impact mechanism, a titanium hammer case and a corrosion preventative treatment on internal parts.
  • 1’’ 3940B2TiEX, 3942B2TiEX and 1 1/2’’ 3955B2TiEX: These impact wrenches are specifically designed for oil and gas, power generation and other demanding industries and delivers up to 5,000 foot-pounds of maximum reverse torque.
  • 1/2’’ 7803RAKCEX and 3/8’’ 7802RAKCEX: These reversible drills deliver 500 RPM and 0.50 hp (0.38 kW) of power and feature a quiet design, reversible motors and keyless chuck.

Additional features

Ingersoll Rand’s ATEX-certified tools include torques that range from 600 foot-pounds to 5,000 foot-pounds. Additional features are:

  • ATEX Ex h IIA T6 Gb X and ISO 80079-36 certification ratings.
  • Titanium hammer case is lightweight, durable and corrosion resistant for offshore applications.
  • Pressure-fed lubrication system that delivers grease on the impacting jaws, increasing durability and decreasing necessary maintenance.

The new impacts and drills join Ingersoll Rand’s suite of spark-resistant industrial solutions that include the W5133P-C1D2 and W5153-C1D2 cordless impact wrenches that conform to UL and CSA standards. The ELK Series Electric Chain Hoist and KMX Series Manual Hoist are available with ATEX certifications for safe operation in hazardous atmospheres.

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