Compressed Air Rental Services

Support for customers to minimize downtimes and maximize production

  • Compressed Air Rental Services
    Compressed Air Rental Services

Compressed air is critical for most industrial processes. In a manufacturing environment, temporary needs for compressed air can arise at any time requiring quick action and the highest levels of efficiency and reliability when it happens. With the introduction of Ingersoll Rand’s Compressed Air Rental Services, customers can now depend on reliable temporary compressed air solutions that will allow them to minimize their downtime and maximize their production, maintaining critical processes in a sustainable manner. The service helps customers to cope with bottlenecks, whether they come from seasonal peak demands, unexpected equipment failure or planned maintenance outages.

Compressed Air Rental Services continues to add new equipment to its range of Oil-Free class 0 and Oil-Flooded compressors, for short and long term rental solutions. For industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, electronics, glass, textile and chemical it is critical to maintain productivity and quality in a sustainable manner.

“The addition of Rental Services to our portfolio makes Ingersoll Rand a true one stop shop for customers requiring any compressed air solution,” said Rodrigo Varela, rental services leader at Ingersoll Rand Compression Technology and Services. “To be able to rely on a comprehensive rental fleet gives our customers peace of mind when they face system downtime or when they require incremental compressed air systems due to peak demand. It strengthens our relationship with our customers, making Ingersoll Rand a trusted partner.”