Refrigerator Energy Testing Program

CSA Group Korea Achieves the SASO Accreditation

  • Refrigerator Energy Testing Program
    Refrigerator Energy Testing Program

CSA Group announced that it achieved accreditation to conduct testing and certification to SASO (The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization) standards for refrigerator energy testing, broadening CSA Group's global testing and certification services to include Saudi Arabia. SASO is the only standards development organization in Saudi Arabia and is responsible for all national standards. Korean manufacturers wishing to sell their products in Saudi Arabia must have independent testing by an accredited laboratory and provide a certificate of conformity indicating their product has met the required standards.

"In recent years we saw a growing demand in Korea to provide local service for global market access. By expanding our services and adding new accreditations, we are constantly working to ensure we meet the needs of our valued clients." said Claudia Chan, CSA Group vice president of North and Southeast Asia. "Saudi Arabia is a growing market for household appliances and achieving the SASO accreditation will allow our clients to continue to reach new customers globally through one-stop local service, and complement our existing service including Safety and Energy efficiency testing for Europe, North America as well as Mexico, Chile and Ecuador and other countries"

The CSA Group laboratory in Seoul specializes in testing and certification services for commercial household appliances, HVAC/R and electro-medical devices to international standards. In addition to testing and certification for safety and performance, CSA Group Korea also offers sustainability and energy efficiency verification programs to North American standards. Recently, as part of a partnership, CSA Group launched a series of sustainability standards for household products as well as a CSA Group sustainability mark to help consumers identify environmentally preferable products.