Scalable Cartridge Seals

Designed for heavy-duty applications

  • The 1810 and 2810 Cartridge Seals from A.W. Chesterton
    The 1810 and 2810 Cartridge Seals from A.W. Chesterton

These new single and double cartridge seals from A.W. Chesterton are based on Chesterton's new AXIUS™ modular seal platform. These modular cartridge seals allow to make quick seal face and feature changes around a standard seal base to suit various applications quickly and economically. A cartridge mechanical seal provides maximum ease during installation. 

Reliability, simplicity, and performance

Through the large number of options, users can configurate their seals to meet their needs. Chesterton is standardizing essential components and has highly automated the manufacturing processes thanks to the Axius™ platform. The 1810 and 2810 seals embed new patented technology and thanks to the RFID tags, introduce the first cartridge mechanical seal with IoT in the world.

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