SFM3xxx Platform for Flow Measurement

It offers a comprehensive range of features, making them suitable for a variety of medical applications

  • SFM3xxx Platform for Flow Measurement
    SFM3xxx Platform for Flow Measurement

The SFM3xxx platform from Sensirion consists of five mass flow meters. These mass flow meters offer a comprehensive range of features, making them suitable for a variety of medical applications. All the sensors of the SFM3xxx platform share characteristics such as high precision and robustness.

The fully calibrated and temperature-compensated sensors measure the flow rates of air and other non-aggressive gases bidirectionally and highly accurately. They also impress with very low pressure drop and fast response time. Thanks to their common and individual features, the platform's five mass flow meters offer a broad range of capabilities for gas flow measurements in all medical devices.

The digital mass flow meter SFM3000, which is already established on the market, is suitable in particular for high-volume applications where cost is paramount. With the SFM3100, Sensirion offers an analog product that can be easily integrated into existing devices.

A temperature sensor in the gas channel of the sensor enables highly precise temperature compensation and eliminates the need for an additional temperature sensor. The new mass flow meter SFM3200 offers a broad dynamic measurement range and high precision at low flow rates. Thanks to the very low pressure drop in the flow body, this sensor is particularly suitable for medical ventilation and other respiratory applications.

With the SFM3200-AW and SFM3300-AW, Sensirion now offers two autoclavable mass flow meters. Thanks to their robustness, the new sensors can be treated in an autoclave, thus making them reusable. The SFM3200-AW offers exceptional performance at low flow rates, while the SFM3300-AW is notable for its stability in varying inlet conditions. Sensirion is also working on the development of a disposable product.

The comprehensive range of features of the SFM3xxx platform ensures the products cover all gas flow metering requirements in medical technology. The sensors can be used in a wide range of medical applications, such as ventilation or anesthesia, inhalers, drug delivery and metabolic measurements.

The mass flow meters SFM3000, SFM3100 and SFM3200 are particularly suitable for inspiratory flow measurements, while the autoclavable sensors are the first choice for expiratory respectively proximal flow measurements.