Single-Wire Cable Technology

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For plastics injection molding

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Single-Wire Cable Technology
Single-Wire Cable Technology

Offering a number of design and performance advantages over traditional coaxial cables within plastics injection molding applications, Kistler’s single-wire cable technology is designed for direct compatibility with all of the company’s mold cavity pressure sensors and force transducers. It transmits the necessary electrical charge with required shielding provided by the injection mold itself. This allows for simplified mold installation via a small cross-sectional area measuring just 0.9 mm in diameter and facilitates the use of supporting self-locking and splash-proof connectors, also available from the company, which may be fitted by the user. Cables and connectors are both completely integrated into the mold. Single-wire cabling is also fully field-repairable and exchangeable and may be cut to desired lengths. Cables can also be fitted directly into mold cavity bores so that milling is minimized, further protecting the bores from potential mechanical damage. Using a simple cut-and-grip technique, the cabling may also be connected to the company’s multi-channel charge amplifiers, allowing for a cost-effective mold preparation solution within multi-cavity applications.

Posted on November 14, 2011 - (45 views)
Kistler Instrumente AG
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