Social Distancing in Production and Logistics

Boosting capacities and protecting employees

  • Social Distancing in Production and Logistics
    Social Distancing in Production and Logistics

In these challenging times, protecting employees is an enormous task for both the manufacturing industry and the logistics sector – all the more so if production and capacities are to be ramped up again. 

In response to this, Siemens offer s a unique solution for both ensuring social distancing at the workplace and boosting manufacturing processes. The SIMATIC RTLS real-time locating system makes it possible to measure, log and optimize the distance between individual employees. By using portable transponders that interact with the infrastructure devices, the employee movements in all defined areas can be tracked. 

Using location data obtained in this way, SieTrace – a new application for social distancing – determines distances between employees. If the distance falls below 1.5 m, all groups of people involved receive a warning signal via the transponder's e-link display. All this greatly contributes to reliably and efficiently protect the health of employees.