Software Configurable Analog Front End

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Comes with an integrated 24-bit ADC

Electronics & Electricity, Industry 4.0

AD4110-1 from ADI
AD4110-1 from ADI
AD4110-1 from ADI
AD4110-1 from ADI

Designed for industrial process control systems, the AD4110-1 analog front end from Analog Devices comes with integrated 24-bit ADC. This software-configurable analog front end is a universal input AFE with an integrated ADC that allows users to create a “platform” input module that can be configurable for multiple product iterations, to save R&D cost or reduce time to market. The high voltage inputs of this analog front end are fully software configurable for current or voltage signals, enabling direct interface to all standard industrial analog signal sources. 

Software-configurable I/O as a key factor in Industry 4.0 implementation

Available in 40-lead LFCSP packages, the AD4110-1 includes integrated, fully differential programmable gain amplifier (PGA) offering 16 gain settings from 0.2 to 24. Moreover, it delivers internal, front-end diagnostics functions to indicate overvoltage, undervoltage, open wire, overcurrent, and overtemperature conditions. Last the high voltage input is thermally protected, overcurrent limited, and overvoltage protected. 

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